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One thing that was consistent in our first year was the repeat trips to decorate.  I suppose some hosts get their properties up and running smoothly and efficiently in one trip... but not us!  😊

We basically knocked down things in priority order.  You know, the must haves go first like furnishings, linens, tech for the internet/door lock.  Then later came the fun stuff like decorating.

Because we wanted firefly related decorations to complement our haus theme, we ordered 9' tall firefly wallpaper for the half-bath early on.  We approached this in 3 phases:

  1. Did nothing except hang a fireflies and cubs poster (now in the game room)
  2. Painted the accent wall black
  3. Hung the wallpaper

After a few months of Firefly Haus going live on Airbnb and VRBO, we planned a trip to finalize decorating including the wallpaper.

Have you hung 9' wallpaper?  If not let me tell you it's like wrestling an octopus while standing on a ladder and trying not to fall off.  Lots of anxiety that you will mess it all up and ruin it.
We hung the left side, then the right while carefully matching it in the center.  Then using an exacto knife to slice off the overhang on the right side.

It took longer than we thought but at the end of the day we actually got it done.  It's one of those events that test your marriage and make it stronger when you get through it.  😊




After.. so worth the pain!